Hello World!

ahem… Hello?

My name is Amanda. I may also call myself Murren or AmandaRain.  I’ve wanted to blog for a long time, and now I’ve decided to dive in to it.  I am a student at Capella University, I am a Business Systems Analyst for a smallish international company and live in the Bellingham, Washington area.

I’m writing this blog for a few reasons.   I use Facebook to stay in touch with close and distant friends and family, but blogging will give my friends and family a way to get to know a different side of me.  I’ve always wanted to write, but I have an extreme fear of failure and have put it off for a long time. And… I’m hoping blogging will help me open a door to my dream job.

Don’t get me wrong. I do have a dream job, but I also LOVE my current job. I get to do an amazing variety of awesome things – I help shape business processes, I translate business-speak to geek and geek to business-speak, I beta test internally developed software  (and I actually like it), I write how-to and training documentation, I get to teach people how to use systems and mentor co-workers (in a peer mentoring sort of way), and I actually get to play around in SQL code a bit too.

And I work with great people! My boss is amazing, the development team I work with are great, as is working with my husband, and many of my co-workers are like family.

It is really an awesome job!

I do sometimes wonder if I should really want more. My job is great. People look at me like I’m insane when they see how enthusiastic I am about it. What could be better?

My dream job of course!

All of these job qualities, but in a setting where I care even more about the outcome. Where the product of my labor is something that I can enjoy, and that my friends and family can enjoy as well.  I know the industry I want to join, but I don’t yet know the role. I have ideas, but my dream evolves with me so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Fear of failure, no more! It is time to get over it.

I’ll be blogging about a variety of things – family, school, work experiences, games, friends, art, the dream job, and life in general.

Please feel free to leave comments or email me.

Until next time…

~ Amanda


  1. It’s human nature to want more. Once you get more… you want even more of it. If someone says they are perfectly happy with their life and nothing could make it better… they are flat out lying. -That’s the pessimist in me-

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