Costco. Thanksgiving week. Sigh.

Online education has its benefits and drawbacks. The school that I am going to (Capella University) has standardized 10 week quarters. Standard. Whether or not a holiday falls in the middle of the quarter.

This past week was Thanksgiving and I was excited for the long weekend. Excited for the extra day without commitments that I could use to complete my assignments.

My excitement ended when I read the first assignment “Visit a local large warehouse type outlet (Sam’s Club, Costco, or similar outlet)…”

What? Seriously? Visit Costco on THANKSGIVING week? Do you want me to submit to that torture before Thursday while everyone is stocking up for their feasts, or after Thursday when Black-Friday-Weekend shopping madness ensues?

I chose the post-Thanksgiving-torture option. Logically, Costco should be less crazy at opening on Sunday morning following black-Friday than it was at opening the day before Thanksgiving. Right?

Fortunately I made the right choice.  Costco was slightly more insane than a normal day, but not quite as torturous as I expected. It is interesting how a person becomes suspicious of a customer asking questions about their benefits I think the poor person I “interviewed” seemed to think I had some sort of evil ulterior motive.

I’ve been a horrible student this quarter, and this coming week is going to suck at work. Here’s to hoping for a C!



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