Every year on January first it is tradition to make a New Years Resolution – A promise to yourself that you will change an old habit or create a new habit in the next year. I’ve often wondered if this is just a tradition in the US or if it is shared in other cultures around the world… But, no, that is not the point of this post.


Normally, I make a well intentioned promise to myself such as “I am going to lose 30 pounds by mid year and keep it off until the end of the year”, “I am going to work out every day”, or “I am going to keep my house spotless”.

Normally, I fail.

I don’t get started in the right way, don’t provide myself the right support, and I don’t follow through.

Of all of the new years resolutions I can recall ever making, I have only ever kept two. Several years ago, I resolved not to eat chocolate for one month.  And I did even better, I went from New Year’s day to Valentine’s Day without succumbing to what was a the time my biggest addiction (since replaced by my addiction to the internet).

The second was my resolution to return to school. I don’t recall exactly when the I committed myself to it, but it was roughly New Years of 2004-2005.  Over the subsequent six months I planned: reviewed schools, worked with my employer to set up a tuition reimbursement program, applied to the one school that met my needs, and registered. I started school in June.

For 2010 I am making three resolutions and learning from my past.

Resolution One: Take care of myself. Do more for myself to make me happier and healthier. This is really a very all-encompassing resolution (the others are more of sub-resolutions) but is very important to me because I don’t take good care of myself as it is.

Resolution Two: Complete my bachelor’s degree. I am taking this quarter off for a much needed sanity break (see resolution one) but it is still very important to me to graduate this year. Taking one class per quarter for the rest of the year I will be able to graduate by the end of 2010.

Resolution Three: Work on my blog daily. Some additions may be private posts and some may be refinement of drafts, but I publish posts at least weekly.

Each of my TwentyTen Resolutions are things that are actually very important to me and for that reason I believe they are very achievable. Perhaps I will post from time to time about my progress on Resolution One and Resolution Two. You will obviously see my progress on Resolution Three.

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