Everyone needs a dream

It has been too long since I last posted. I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to the dream, and it is time to share what I’ve concluded.

I am not giving up on the dream. Everyone needs a dream, and everyone should have a dream that is realistic. Dreaming about winning the lottery is great. But seriously, did you ever really think you would win? What were the odds? Did you have any real control over the outcome?

Realistic dreams on the other hand are something to work toward. Realistic dreams allow a person to set realistic goals and realistic expectations for themselves to keep them motivated toward their dream.

I really do think the dream job is realistic for me. It may take a couple more years before I have built the skills and the project history needed before I am taken seriously. It will definitely take more confidence in myself. But I know it is possible for me. I know I do have some control over the outcome.

I am going to keep writing about the dream. So what if my dream means that some day I won’t be employed where I am now? It does not mean that I am going to stop working as diligently as I have for the past 10 years. If anything, since I realized what my dream job is five years ago I have been more motivated to excel than ever before. It is the times when I forget or ignore my dream that am unmotivated and disappoint myself.

I’ve republished the posts that I hid before, and I am going to put a better effort into posting more regularly. But… No promises.

~ Amanda

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