Secret Selves

I had a really neat experience this week. I’m going to share, but first – some back story:

I’ve been a Trekkie all of my life. I get it from my mom.  She is, without a doubt, the biggest Trekkie I’ve ever met. I grew up watching re-runs of the original series, and saw every episode of The Next Generation at least a couple of times. On spring break and over long weekends we’d often watch a marathon of Star Trek movies (or the other classics – like Star Wars episodes 4 through 6 and the first three Indiana Jones movies).  Star Trek time in our house was one of the rare times when we would all get together and be quiet for an hour.

When the Star Trek (2009) movie came out last year, it was again a family experience. My mom, step-dad, two of my brothers, and one of their girlfriends all went to the theater to see the newest installment (me for my second time). It was amazing in so many ways. But that’s not my point.

Leonard Nimoy was in it. Leonard Nimoy is a great actor. I’ve always loved him as Spock, and in any other role I’ve seen him in (like the little role he has in Fringe right now).

So, two weeks ago when Leonard Nimoy’s name popped up on Twitter, I followed him almost instantly. He had fewer than 2000 followers at the time and I wondered if it really was the real Nimoy. Curious and hopeful, I followed him.

I was not disappointed.

Last weekend Nimoy tweeted a link to his website – Leonard Nimoy Photography. I was intrigued, especially once I read about his current project. From the Leonard Nimoy Photography – Secret Selves page:

“At Plato’s Symposium around 400 B.C. Aristophanes posited a theory which could explain human angst. Humans, he suggested, were at one time double sided creatures having two heads, four arms and four legs. In this form they became powerful and arrogant, angering the Gods. Zeus was sent to solve the problem. This he did by cleaving everyone in two with a huge sword. Since then humans have been searching for the other, lost, part of themselves in order to feel complete again. As Aristophanes put it, “…human nature was originally one and we were whole…”.

“Secret Selves” is an exploration of the concept of the lost or hidden or fantasy self.”

Take a look at the pictures here. (Side note – this reminds me how much I really need to finish setting up the spare room as a studio.)

Who is my Secret Self?

How kind of you to ask. I’m pretty sure I have several. In MMO’s I usually play a sexy female tank class… the kind that shouts “UG, ME KILL!” at the start of battle and runs in to get the attention of everything but does little damage, and after battle isn’t afraid to flirt with every barmaid and battle hardened warrior she sees. There is also my inner quirky artist; self-assured and different, Not afraid to sing (horribly) at the top of her lungs with other people around, willing to experiment with new things, fail, and try again. The last that I’ll share with you is my secret forest nymph; living in the lush forests of the northwest, sleeping on a bed of moss under the stars, and living off the land.

Oh, but back to the neat experience…

Looking at his twitter page again, I noticed a link to his Etsy site.

“What? Leonard Nimoy has an Etsy site?” I thought to myself.

Yes. He does. He is selling t-shirts screen printed with some of the pictures from his Secret Selves project.

They’re pretty neat, and I fell in love with a couple of them. I nearly bought one, then convinced myself not to.

Now, I’m glad I did. Last Tuesday Nimoy posted on twitter that the next ten people to buy one of his shirts would get a personalized signed picture of him as Spock.

I had a feeling I made it in time when @TheRealNimoy tweeted a Thank You to me, but I wasn’t sure until the package arrived on Friday.

I got a call from a friend who was working in reception at the time. She told me she had a package I’d be excited about. Not expecting it to arrive so fast, I was stumped until I hung up the phone. As soon as I realized what she was talking about I ran to the front desk.

Guess who was one of those ten? *grin*

I know it’s a little silly, but I’m super excited about this. It’s sort of my own special memento of the family times with Star Trek as well as proof of what a nerd/geek I really am.

Pictures follow.

Front of the t-shirt.

Front of the shirt a little closer. The black is  slightly reflective/glittery.

Sleeve detail (really bad picture). It says: LEONARDNIMOYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Dinosaur Girl (on the back of the shirt)

Note card that was on the front of the envelope containing the picture. I’m pretty sure that isn’t actually Leonard Nimoy’s handwriting, but the card is pretty awesome. It is now sitting in the corner of the picture frame that I put the actual picture in.

The picture just after I pulled it out of the envelope.

The picture by itself. This is a photo of it – hence the glare.

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