To add purple or fuchsia, that is the question.

I’ve been talking about it for six months now, but on Thursday I finally made an appointment. I’m going to get my first absolutely non-natural color added to my hair.

I’m thinking somewhere between a deep purple and a bright fuchsia. Quite a range, I know.

I have considered purple hair since I was in high school, but didn’t do it then because everyone else was.

Since then, I’ve been inspired by the crazy hair colors available in MMOs. My Aion character had awesome purple and pink hair and is my main inspiration for my highlights.

I had the guts to try this once before, but the colorist got it a little wrong and the highlights came out black.

My goal today is something in the Blue Violet range (between 1 and 5 of the color wheel to the left) or maybe in the Violet range (2 or 4, maybe 5 or 6). My main challenge: I have a grown-up job. I need to be able to look professional while still having silly colors in my hair.

My appointment is in an hour and a half. Lets see what happens!

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