Days like today…

Warning: This post contains venting and lacks quality.

I really dislike the first work day of the month. I work in IT, and every month we have some frustrating system issue come up. Some months they’re expected others they’re surprising. Some months they are easy to fix, others they take a lot of time.

For the past several months without fail we’ve had invoicing issues, but we went into work on April first expecting that we wouldn’t have a problem. We’d found the cause of the problem and fixed it. My husband and I were even joking about sending our boss (we work together) an email from the system saying that invoicing had not worked. It was April Fools day after all.

Well, invoicing didn’t work. Not because we didn’t fix the previous problem, but because there was a new one. For some reason, the data in some field was longer in one place than another allowed for. Silly data length restrictions. We fixed that problem, and were hopeful that this month would be better.

We were pleasantly surprised; The system didn’t send us any emails over the weekend telling us it didn’t feel like making invoices.

But then other issues happened. It is the first day of the month, so it was no shock.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a business systems analyst. In one sentence what that means is: I work with people internally throughout the business to clarify their business needs and convert them to system requirements, and then work with IT staff to fulfill those requirements.

A large piece of my role is also systems support. In any given week the time I spend on system support varies quite a bit. No matter what is going on though, I normally have at least some time each day to work on projects.

Project work makes me feel like I’m actually contributing something, and it is fun. I love writing specs and testing changes (but that’s for another post).

On days when I don’t get to do any project work and have to spend all day on support, I feel like I have wasted my time, I haven’t accomplished anything, and I come home totally drained.

Today was one of those days. I spent eight hours dealing with issues (plus another hour and a half sitting in a meeting that really didn’t need me).

Now I am home. I want to study and I want to play games, but I am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open.

So instead, I’m venting to you (whoever you are).

Tomorrow will be a better day.

~ Amanda


  1. Not to be an overcommenter or anything, but I ❤ how honest you are. I feel the exact same way about answering the phones. It's a part of my job, I get it, but on days when I'm ping-ponging up there all day long, it's like I'm just spinning my wheels.

    1. Over comment all you want! It’s actually kinda motivating to know that someone really does read it. And to know I’m not alone. 🙂

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