Comments on the Enterprise theme

I’ve gotten a bit of traffic coming from a pingback from WordPress’s announcement for Enterprise (linked in my previous post), so I thought I’d add this post to share what I like about Enterprise and make the pingback actually useful to people coming from the Enterprise announcement.

I was previously using Freshy. Freshy is clean and colorful, but not as customizable as Enterprise is, and not as clean as Enterprise.

My favorite things about enterprise:

The background is customizable. This is the piece that shows pale gray in their example, or is currently almost black here.  You can choose a color or upload a picture to use as a background.

The header is customizable. I currently have uploaded an image and changed the text color. Options include uploading an image to show or showing no image, choice of color for the text, and hiding the text.  I currently have an uploaded image and obnoxious off-white color for my text. I hope to eventually have someone make me a banner that includes my blog title and subtitle, in which case being able to hide the text is a great feature.

Built in search. The search box in the banner is part of the theme. No need to use a widget, and it is located in a very nice place that widgets can’t go (I think…).

Category Menus. The category menus at the top are very clean and a great way to provide a little classification and navigation ability to the site.

Widget areas, lots of them. Let me say it again because once doesn’t do it justice. It has Lots of Widget areas. This theme has widgets on the right sidebar, and three separated widget areas in the footer (scroll down). Not sure if you want a particular widget because it detracts from reading? Put it at the bottom! Not sure about all that pesky navigation stuff that everyone wants but makes every blog look the same? Put it at the bottom! I’m not sure if widgets are theme sensitive, but it also seems that Enterprise has more widgets available than my previous theme.

And the last thing that stands out to me as great about Enterprise: It is wide. I know a lot of people have netbooks these days and a slimmer website works better there, but I find the wider pages easier to read. Especially since the widgets are on the right and automatically off-screen for those with smaller displays.

The next step up form this will come when/if WordPress gives us hosted folks the amazing stuff they’re putting into WordPress 3 for non-hosted ( blogs.

Please WordPress people, tell me we do get to use those amazing features!

~ Amanda


  1. Let me make you a header! Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll do it for fun…I’ve been dying for a new design project and I love making blogs look pretty.

  2. Hooray! I’m excited! Do you know about It’s a good place to start gathering images. I’m going to be all set up with Adobe CS after Memorial Day weekend, so that seems like a natural place to start, no?

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