Where the heck did I get a social life from?

Today: A lunch time post. I may not have another time to post again this week.

It is a nice quiet week for school. Read a chapter and participate in discussions, but no essay due this week. For me, that means I get a social life!

Tonight we’re having dinner with Hubby’s parents and grandmother. Friday night is DnD (probably along with a great deal of drinking), Saturday I may be going to a tea party for the local Soroptimist¬†chapter with the Lovchik ladies (it is a fund raiser, and has nothing to do with politics), Saturday I will most likely be spending some time with Amanda#2 (probably involving alcohol, and Rock Band or Little Big Planet or some XBOX or PS3 game that she wants me to try), and then Sunday we’re going sailing with friends.

WOW… that’s one month of my normal social life crammed into a five day period.

So, even though I really want to make more time for writing here, it’s probably not going to happen this week.

But, I also have to say: YAY I HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE THIS WEEK!

~ Amanda

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