The winner is me!

Well, I’m one of them at least…

A couple weeks ago, EverQuestII announced that they would be selling a special Prowler Mount in their Marketplace.

Koshka roaring

Koshka roaring

Instead of purchasing it with game money, like most mounts in EQ2, you could purchase it with Station Cash. I was a little excited, and hoped they wouldn’t be pricing it like WoW’s $25 mount.

I love my MMOs, but not enough to spend twenty five dollars on top of my monthly subscription fee for a mount.

I loved the prowler mount when I saw it in the market place. I even picked which one I’d buy. If it was only cheaper.

Then last Wednesday, Stargrace posted to an invitation for EQ2 players to share what they would name their prowler mount, if they had one. She had five codes for free prowler mounts that she would be giving to her favorites.

My entry:

I’d name mine Koshka.

I typically come up with something descriptive of my character or pets and then translate it into another language so it doesn’t sound lame. Calling it Cat would be pretty boring. Calling it Koshka (Russian for cat) just sounds better. (I’ve used Koshka for characters and pets in several games including CoH and WoW, so I’m pretty fond of it).

Today, Stargrace announced the winners. YAY ME!

I really should have been using that vacation day last Wednesday for homework. Instead, I gave up on homework by noon and was running a noob through New Halas quests. I enjoyed my mid-week slacker day, and now I’m extra glad for it because my pretty blue kitty is great.

Thank you Stargrace!


Koshka on the docks on the Isle of Mara at sunrise.


Calming Koshka in New Halas

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