I’m not so good with words.

I’ve never been much of a writer. It’s something I do to amuse myself, not something I do because I’m any good at it. But every once in a while something happens (particularly at work) that makes me laugh and think “I should blog about this”. I had one of those moments today so instead of finishing my post about visiting SOE, I thought I’d share my silly story.

I’ve had a horrible headache today, so when I was teaching someone (Senior Helpdesk Guy) how to set up a salesperson in our fulfillment system, I just couldn’t come up with the right words. Senior Helpdesk Guy was typing in the alpha numeric code that we use to identify sales people, but typed it in mixed upper and lower case.

Instead of telling him to change it to upper case, I said something like “Make it big.” Except I stumbled over my incredibly inarticulate words and it came out much funnier than that. In response he said something like “It doesn’t automatically make it big?”

This was a hilarious exchange because we’re both geeks and IT people. And we are both normally fairly articulate people (him more than me). We should have both automatically said something about “uppercase” or “all caps”.

Instead, the next thing I said was: “No, the system doesn’t auto-big it.”

Well, that got the other guy (Junior Helpdesk Guy) in the room laughing. A while later, I received an email from Junior Helpdesk Guy.

I laughed for a few minutes, but had no smart come back (damn headache). Junior Helpdesk Guy, you made my day.

Maybe I should just relabel my caps lock key to “Auto-Big”.

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