Preparing for PAX

I get to go to PAX this year! One month from now, the gamer masses will converge on Seattle for a three days of geekyness (as will music lovers for a different event, expect traffic). This will be my first PAX.

For the past week I haven’t been able to get PAX out of my head. Going to PAX is a big deal for me, both as a fangirl and as someone who wants to work in the video game industry. My inner project manager is planning what to bring and what to do, and making lists. A good plan starts with a list of things that need to happen right? (Well, after an objective, but that is already defined: PAX + Fun + Networking.) 

Before PAX:

  • Update the purple streaks in my hair (appointment scheduled)
  • Complete assignments for week 8 of my course.
  • Make sure work issues are wrapped up so The Boss doesn’t have to contact me.


  • Netbook (and charger)
  • Camera (mine and Hubby’s, and charger and download cable)
  • Phone (mine and Hubby’s, and charger, and download cable)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • the standard weekend bag (clothes, toiletries, etc)
  • Pixie Sticks (I hear the EQ2 community team loves them)
  • Loot for when I get assassinated
  • Cards. Like business cards, but personal. With my contact info, blog info, etc. (I’m not sure about this yet, but it may help with the whole networking thing.)
  • Of course, my 3 day pass.


  • Watch the Keynote
  • See Concerts
  • Watch panel discussions (I wonder when the schedule will be available)
  • Eat Midnight Nachos with a friend
  • Get assassinated
  • See the games, Play the games, Be the games
  • Meet people
  • Take Pictures
  • Play Bingo
  • Get a PAX Shot Glass (If there is such a thing.)

My lists keep growing. I haven’t been to PAX before and I haven’t read much about what there is to see and do there. Hubby told me about what he saw last year, and one friend who has been twice before has promised to show me some things that most people miss.

I wonder how nuts I am to think I might meet someone at PAX who might make a difference in my career. Even if that doesn’t happen, it will still be a great time.

Experienced PAX attendees, how are my lists? What should I add?

One comment

  1. That’s a pretty good list. I will add some more suggestions:
    Bring Cash (all the ATMs get sucked dry pretty quick)
    Bring a nice side bag/satchel/back pack to carry around and put swag in
    Don’t count on any good phone reception/wifi
    Bring your favorite pain killer of choice… you will get sore/headachey
    Hand sanitizer! 60k gross people all touching the same controllers is gross
    Print out a copy of the schedule then go through and highlight what you really/might want to see, makes it easy to pull out when you have some free time and say “hey this is going on right now”

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