Still looking for that reset button.

Today is already getting better.

Earlier today I tweeted about my day being off to a bad start. It was. I woke up feeling hung over and aching all over (even though last night I only drank water). I had one co-worker upset about a change request I’d sent them after testing an update to one of our internal systems. I’m sure I annoyed the heck out of another with a few emails for little changes on a different project (fortunately, the second co-worker didn’t complain).

Poor sleep, lack of caffeine (I’ve been trying to quit), a pile of work, and a few of my own mistakes made the morning crappy.

Fortunately, a twitter-friend offered *hugs* and I got real hugs from another friend.

A big portion of my bad start to the day was because of issues with specs for a couple recent projects.  Maybe the dev was just being extra picky when I asked for changes, but I can’t do anything about that. What I can do is work on improving what I give the devs before they start work. It is a challenge with my variety of duties and the volume of requests I work on (and turn away), but if I can be more efficient and thorough it will save frustration for everyone.

So… I’ve made another list (this time not PAX related).

Things to do:

  • Find some websites to read about best practices for Business Systems Analysis (I’ve learned on the job, both self-taught and from a few mentors – some reading wouldn’t hurt).
  • Make myself a better process. I help everyone else with their processes, why not my own? (For example: Before turning my specs over for work, I should visualize how the product will be used. If what I visualize the app to do isn’t explicitly laid out in the spec, it may not be what I expect.)
  • Find some templates for system change and small development projects. (Again – this will probably help improve what I’ve been providing my team.)

For the past several months, I’ve not valued my experiences here as I should. This may not be the dream job, but it is a great place to learn.

Still, it would be nice to have a reset button; To be able to start today over knowing what traps lay ahead and how to survive them unscathed.

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