I had big plans yesterday. I got up bright and early, went out for coffee and to drop my brother off at work, did a little shopping, and came home and paid bills. I planned on doing a mission in STO, reading some more from my textbook, and then going to get my hair done.

Then Hubby came in from the garage and said that there was something wrong with the car. Darth Civic is a little more than two years old; She should be in perfect health. Sure enough, he started the car and a loud rattling came from under the hood.

We’re a single car household, so having Darth Civic out of commission really sucks. This afternoon Hubby is having her towed to the dealership so they can look at what is wrong tomorrow.

We’re both worried though. I’m hoping it is just the water pump (the noise reminds me of when the water pump went out in my first car). If whatever is wrong is not covered under warranty, and if it is an expensive fix, I may have to take a quarter off of school. That is a setback that I do not want right now.

Please think happy thoughts for us.

One comment

  1. Good news: It really is just the water pump, and it is still (just barely) covered under warranty. We should be driving again tomorrow night, my final quarter of school is not postponed, and we’ll still have spending money for PAX.

    *happy dance*

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