#GamingIs where I want my career to lead.

There’s a movement on Twitter today to get #GamingIs trending. It seems to be started by @theKevinButler (and probably also Sony and PlayStation since he is their spokes person in the same way that Isaiah Mustafa is Old Spice’s spokes person). I hesitate to join in because it really is about a company trying to use social media to build a marketing campaign.

On the other hand as a business student it is interesting to see how Sony / PlayStation are using social media, and as a gamer (and someone who wants to work in the industry) looking at what is coming up in Twitter search for #gamingis reveals a lot of amusing and sometimes deep thought in 140 characters from gamers everywhere.

I was too quick to judge initially. I may be busy at work for the rest of the day, but #GamingIs will make interesting reading tonight.

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