What is YOUR dream?

I started writing here in November of last year. Ten months ago. I have made 38 posts. Thirty-eight posts in ten months is less than what I had hoped to do when I started, but now that I have been writing here for a while I am getting more comfortable with a routine of writing.

I continue to write here both as an outlet. I wouldn’t call it a creative outlet, because I don’t feel creative at all in what I’ve written here. It is more of an outlet for my hopefulness and anxieties about the dream job and for the many other thoughts that bounce around in my head at the end of the day (or even during the day; such as when I post about frustrations at work). It is actually helping me sleep better.

I also continue to write here because it is a constant motivator toward the dream. Each post seems to make me more resolute that I will achieve the dream.

Recently, I’ve felt a little self-centered in all of this dreaming. I write about what I want to be when I grow up, or the different fun things that I’m doing to (hopefully) help me get there. I talk about it with friends over drinks. But I don’t ask anyone else what they want.

I am going to change that. I am starting here. (If you just got Man in the Mirror stuck in your head, you’re not alone.)

What is your dream?
What are you doing to work toward it?
Do you have a plan?
What motivates you?

I know it’s weird that some random internet person is asking, but it’s amazing the motivation that can stem from kind comments from someone you barely know and from knowing the dreams of others.


    1. Hi Dr B!
      I listened to the radio spot about your book. It is on my must-read list for after I graduate.
      Best of luck in continuing to follow your dreams!

  1. What is your dream?
    To find a job in the games industry.

    What are you doing to work toward it?
    Making a lot of modifications for games, maps, levels, etc.

    Do you have a plan?
    Yes. Making a lot of modifications for games, maps, levels, etc. ^^

    What motivates you?
    The fact, that I don’t have to work if I make my hobby to a job.

    1. You’ll get there. Definitely. You’re so much closer than I am… You actually have some game skills. I just have a passion for playing (and fixing things).

      Is there anything I can do/see for you while I’m at PAX?

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