I’m Back!

I intended to start posting about my experiences at PAX the day I arrived home. That didn’t happen… So what’s been going on?

First of all, I was exhausted from all the fun and craziness that is PAX. That coupled with that I’m not the most eager writer ever might have been enough to get me to postpone writing about PAX.

And then there was the suitcase ordeal. That is a story for another post. It was Tuesday afternoon when the suitcase issue was resolved and then the reality that part of my little vacation was set aside for studying sunk in, and I had to move on to school work.

My final for last quarter’s class (Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting) was due two Fridays after PAX. Fortunately I planned well and was able to finish my pre-PAX school work by the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend and I had plenty of time (and determination) after the Labor Day Weekend to finish my school work for the second to last week of the quarter. In fact, I finished it Sunday morning and immediately moved into my studies for the final week of the quarter.

I was very careful with my time in the last week of the school quarter, and for the first time I finished my final early. Finals at my school are due on Friday afternoon (while most other assignments are due Sunday night), and I normally finish my final project Thursday night and during my lunch break on Friday review and revise, then submit the assignment. In the seventeen classes I’ve taken over the past 5 years, this is the first time that I’ve completed and submitted my final two days early.

What a relief.

The school quarter ended two weeks ago. Since then I’ve promised friends that I would write soon, and I’ve put it off. I really needed a break from commitments and some time to relax and have fun with friends before next quarter starts. The past two weeks have been great, and after this weekend I have one more before the next (and my last!) school quarter starts.

The next week will be super busy, but I’m recovered enough from last quarter + PAX to start writing again. So here we go!

Coming soon: The Saga of the Suit Case, PAX: In a nut-shell, What to expect, and various other random rambling

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