Woot! gods, please forgive me.

I turn my friends into jealous bitches every time I mention it (and maybe I’m getting a little annoying talking about it too), so I avoided it in my last post. It has now become apparent that I’ve offended the Woot! gods. I must correct this.

During PAX, I checked my twitter feed regularly. Around mid-day on Saturday, @WootLive said something that made it apparent that whoever runs @WootLive was at Bumbershoot. I love Bumbershoot, but with a choice between Bumbershoot and PAX, PAX seemed the logical choice of place for Woot people to be on Labor Day weekend in Seattle.

 So I said:

@WootLive how can you be in Seattle and NOT at PAX?

and @WootLive made me giggle:

@AmandaRainBHM We try to only cover COOL events. #uncalledforslam #oneofusisatPAXtoo

Not long later, @wootgatzby introduced himself as the Woot person who was at PAX:

@AmandaRainBHM Hehe, I’ve been at PAX the last two days. Nobody even asked about the giant woot! symbol on my shirt. =(

@AmandaRainBHM (They don’t let me have access to @WootLive though. Something about restraining orders, public indecency, and fire.)

And thus began my twitterfriendship with @wootgatzby. This was another of my favorite highlights of PAX (even though we didn’t really meet).

Since then I’ve also met another Woot! employee via twitter. Another nice, funny guy who is new to Seattle, but this one doesn’t include Woot in his profile, so I’m not going to share his name here (in case he actually likes his privacy).

I’m enjoying the odd twitterfriendship that I’ve developed with these Woot! people, and hope we can still meet for a game night some day (after I’m done with school).

PS – If you’re one of the other people who I met at PAX, I do have a couple more PAX posts coming eventually. You probably aren’t forgotten.


    1. Well, after I (finally) posted yesterday, @wootgatzby tweeted at me:

      I doubt he’s truly offended, but I thought this was a fitting response 😉

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