Work / Life Balance? It doesn’t! | Weifarer’s Wanderings

One of WordPress’s Freshly Pressed featured blogs caught my eye today, and it really hit home for me.


Maybe it is just that my eyes are glazed from too many hours of spreadsheets and my brain feels like it has atrophied to the size of a pea due to lack of stimuli, but I’m feeling less than amicable to my current job. Sure, everyone goes through spates of unreasonable deadlines where work piles up faster than it leaves and nothing seems to function correctly. Top brass sends sympathy cards along with the next stack of due dates. “Keep your chin up! You are doing a great job.” My personal favorite: “We know this will be a tough goal to meet.” You know you are doomed when you hear that one!

Not that I hate my job or even average much more than an 8 hour day, but I am feeling a little burned out recently. Work burnout combined with school stress is actually making me sick. Pile on top of that personal stresses (my mother’s health, my own obnoxious health problems, etc), some days I’m surprised that I can function.

The rest of the blog post is a great. Give it a read at: Work / Life Balance? It doesn’t! | Weifarer’s Wanderings.

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