Being Better

A few months ago I got frustrated with constantly saying to myself “You’ll get better at [thing].” The [thing] I was referring to varied wildly, from to eating healthily and not sitting on my ass all day, to crafty things (painting models, crocheting etc), and many other things.

I decided that thinking that I would get better wasn’t enough, I needed to be better. Even small improvements are improvements, and many small changes add up to huge change.

So I changed. I’ve made a point of thinking and being positive. On game nights, rather than staying at work late I take the time between work and game time to treat myself to a relaxing treat (often gyoza at my favorite local teriyaki restaurant) and crochet a bit. I started seeing a chiropractor (and yes, it is making a fantastic difference). I’m eating better: Less fast food, more veggies, smaller portions of goodies. And, I’m getting up early and walking around the neighborhood before work at least 3 days per week.

I got a Fitbit (it’s a little thing that you wear on your arm or belt or in a pocket that tracks your movement) and joined Fitocracy, because for me making a game (or graph) of anything is motivational. I also did a genetic test to determine what kind of exercise / diet I need to lose weight and be healthier. I know this all seems silly, but I’ve struggled with weight loss and yo-yo dieting for nearly twenty years.

So far, it has all added up to huge improvements. I’m sleeping better, I’m less irritable, I’m more productive at work, I feel better (I’ve had DAYS without back pain), and in general I’m just happier.

And now to the challenge to myself: Keep it up!

Note: This was originally one of my big long rambling posts in which I come to my point about 2 paragraphs from the end. Hopefully this is an improvement.

One comment

  1. So proud of you! You’re exactly right, it is those little improvements that we all need to make and then suddenly you look back five months and realize just how much those all added up. Thank you for such a wonderful post, it’s very inspirational! 🙂

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