I need some blogging advice…

Hello to my patient long time readers and random new readers!

I have want to start a separate personal journal sort of blog which will focus on some sensitive subjects. There have been a couple times that I’ve started, but then realized that I had something that needed to be sorted before I published anything and ended up not actually publishing anything.

I want it to either be not tied to me or to be private (invite only), and this is where I need some advice. I have already set up a private blog here on WordPress, which will work well if I keep it private. But if I decide to publish anonymously, the blog that I’ve set up here won’t work because it is tied to my WordPress account (and thus my Gravatar account and anything else related).

I need to make a decision between public/anonymous or private/invite only. Do you have any experience with private or anonymous blogging? What are your thoughts on bloggers who don’t link their blog to their true identity? Do you have any advice or anything I should think about before I decide to start journaling on an anonymous or private blog?

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  1. (This comment is mostly for my own benefit. Like sticking a post-it note on my blog post.)

    At lunch today, I spent some time looking for other peoples thoughts on anonymous blogging. Below are a few links to take a look at… More food for thought.

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