My boring morning

It is moving day. My baby brother is moving into his first apartment, and I took the day off to help him move. It shouldn’t take long and it is his only day off work this week, so we decided to get a late start so he can sleep in and spend time with our brother before we get started.
I tried to sleep in as well, but it didn’t work. I’m too much a morning person to sleep in. And I wish I’d remember that when I decide to stay up late!
Instead of sleeping in, I’ve checked my work email, my personal email, facebook, g+, pinterest, etc. (and even written a short blog post that I will actually publish!) and still have 2 hours to kill.
I’ve been debating between starting a new book (the second in the Dresden series), taking down the rest of the Christmas decor, or starting to reorganize the office/craft room (winner!)
Yep, that’s it. Just a post about my boring morning.

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