Honoring the Craft

Wall before smoothing.

A lot has changed on my claim this week! During the work week I made slow progress. I went through the entire tower and smoothed the Plain Wood parts of the walls (for those who aren’t playing Landmark, that’s the open parts that sort of look like latticework). 

Smoothed wall.

After a couple days looking at the tower with smoothed walls, I wasn’t sure that I liked it.  Hubby and Oz agreed that the tower looked better with angular non-smoothed walls. 

Final Wall

I reverted a section to its original non-smoothed state (manually, I don’t think there’s a trick for this yet) and then started trying new things. I ended up putting a new design in all of the walls that includes a little window. Bonus: Now I can grapple up the tower and walk through a window when I’m too lazy to use the stairs. (More pictures of the entire build below!)

Floor Sample

Floor Sample

Next, I focused on the floors. I wanted something simple yet elegant. Again looking to Shinto architecture, I came up with an idea to do a simple border around each floor with obsidian and a gem. Each floor would have a different gem to represent an element that is important in Buddhism. The first floor still has the ugly Qho mosaic (because Hubby really likes it), and each of the other floors now has an elemental border: Topaz for Earth, Sapphire for Water, Ruby for Fire, Marble (temporary) for Wind, and Aquamarine for Sky. Eventually Diamond will replace the Marble as Wind.

Craft AltarsYesterday I decided to focus on the craft area. Since I had the idea that this tower could be Wantia/Shin in origin, I’ve been stuck on the idea that the crafting stations should be on altars. I built a pavilion and came up with some rough altars made of stone tables with a voxel inlay (marble under the sifter, rubicite under the forge, striped wood tile under the saw table, and obsidian under the void vault). (The Work Bench is going to stay inside the tower.)


I’m not sure that I’m satisfied with the altars.I’ll need to give them some time, but I won’t be surprised if I rework them before the end of the week.

As I finished up the pavilion area, Hubby suggested moving the entrance to my underground workshop / build room to the pavilion. I’m so glad that he did. It looks better here AND frees up space at the other side of the tower to plant a garden.

Craft Pavilion

Approaching the Craft Pavilion from the main path.

What’s next? I think I’m done with the major building for this claim. Props definitely come next. I want to make this place look lived in and used, not just like a place that was built and then abandoned. I’d like to add garden beds as well (if only I had flowers), and I also want to touch up the steps (both up the hillside and the stairs to the tower porch).

Craft Pavilion and tower from the hilltop.

Craft Pavilion and tower from the hilltop.

Assuming you’re not just here for the screenshots (I know I can be wordy, I’ll be impressed if anyone reads THIS far)… What is your favorite part? What is missing? Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve this build? Or, do you have any questions about how I did anything? Leave a comment!

Craft Pavilion and Tower from the desert valley.

Craft Pavilion and Tower from the desert valley.

Tower and Pavilion2

View from below

One comment

  1. To tell you the truth, I did prefer the smoothed walls to the flat- but only on your original design. On the design with the window, I think the flat shapes are very fitting. I think that before it had an almost too 8-bit-y kind of feel to them, but now I see the window shape and I really feel the traditional influence. I can’t say as I know enough about how it all works to make any suggestions really, but I think that building props and furniture is a great idea. Coming across a building that looks like that would be fantastic, but finding that it looks just as good inside would be like the best thing ever. And then I would steal it and live there.

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