The year (or so) in review.

Wow.  So yet again,  it has been a while (more than a year!) since my last post.

A busy year it was too! I traveled cross country for work a few times,  got to manage a great protect,  went to the last ever SOE Live with Hubby (which was a hell of a lot of fun, and really ought to be it’s own post), my Nana passed away (while I was in Vegas, so much regret), I went to PAX Prime (of course) with great friends, my grand niece was born, my boss quit, I participated in Extra Life for the first time (and raised over $500 for Seattle Children’s Hospital!), I got a new kitten (Jayne), my brother came to stay with us for a few weeks,  my brother got into a BAD accident (without any life threatening injuries,  thankfully), Hubby’s grandmother passed away,  I had Took’s (aka gimpy-cat) leg amputated, my second nephew was born, I started regularly streaming on twitch, and so on…

So much that I could have written about (and still may).

I actually came here with a specific thing that I planned to write about, before I got distracted with the year-in-review, but I’m out of time.

I’m off to table top game night.  Wish me victory!

More later (soon? Maybe…)

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