I’ve realized recently that I’m a little weird. You probably already knew that though…

I tend to not see that I have close friends until I’m in a situation where I need them, and they are already there. This is true whether the friendship is primarily in person (like the local group that I try to play table top games with weekly) or primarily online (Landmark friends, and others).

Over the past couple years I have gotten to know a lot of people through Landmark and Twitch. When the time came that I needed a friend, one was there, and then another, and then several. And then I realized that my weekly table top group cares about more than just board games (mostly because I learned to talk).

There are many reasons that I am blind to the friends around me, and maybe if it keep writing personal stuff here you will understand one day… But that is not the point of this post.

This week I did one of the craziest things (perhaps THE craziest) that I have ever done: I flew from Seattle to Nashville (practically free, thank you air miles) to visit a couple of my Landmark friends. I had only met Jinkys once before and never met Metallical, but I already got to know them well enough that I wasn’t worried about what might happen (Even though some of my family was worried).

Both are as fun in person as you would imagine. By the time I am home tomorrow night, I will have 20 hours of round trip travel time for the 2 days I was here. It was totally worth it to get to hug and spend time with a couple good friends.

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