A few years ago, I decided to start this blog to write about my journey to the dream job. Dreams change, as did the focus of my blog. I’m now writing about a variety of things including my career, personal growth, and various other things that interest me (expect posts about games, cooking, and crafts in the future).

Who am I? My name is Amanda. I am a Project Manager for a smallish international company, and I live in the Pacific Northwest.

I always wanted to write but I have an extreme fear of failure and have put it off for a long time. Once I got started blogging I found it very satisfying, even though I write here infrequently. 

I’d originally hoped that blogging would help open a door to my dream job. When I started, I knew exactly what my dream job was, but I also LOVED (and still do, most of the time) my current job. I get to do a great variety things that I truly enjoy – I help shape business processes, I translate business-speak to geek and geek to business-speak, I alpha and beta test internally developed software  (and I actually like it), I write how-to and training documentation, I get to teach people how to use systems and mentor co-workers (in an unofficial peer mentoring sort of way), I write requirements documentation, I actually get to play around in SQL code a bit, and I manage sine great (complex) projects. And I work with great people! It is really an awesome job!

When I started this blog I had a clear picture of what my dream job was.  I wanted to share the dream because everyone really needs a dream. It is important to have a goal or dream that you work toward to keep personal growth alive. For me, for a long time, it had been completing my bachelors degree and then the longer term goal of the dream jobI do still have a dream job, but I have other dreams as well. I’m now writing to keep all of those dreams alive.

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